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Currently watching Only Fools and Horses from start to end.

I forgot how many comedy moments there are in this (mainly the earlier episodes) and I also forgot how many aspects of this are incredibly outdated 😮

Around about twice a year, we have to work a week (7 days) of night shifts. Mine second ones this year start on Wednesday (22:15 start) so I prepare myself by staying up later and later on the days beforehand. Tonight, I’m aiming to stay up until 03:00 or even 04:00 and then sleep tomorrow until about 12:00.

Just finished watching Army of the Dead (sequel to Army of Thieves).

It was ok, if not slightly predictable for the most part. Army of Thieves was definitely better.

I’m disappointed about the characters who meet their demise just as much as the ones who don’t.

When did using your phone on loudspeaker in public become the way to use a phone? is now running the latest Mastodon version of 3.4.3 👍🏻

Yesterday, I hit a pheasant in the train.

It was walking towards the tracks as I approached so I sounded a few short blasts of the horn. The pheasant ignored this, carried on towards the tracks, hopped up onto one of the rails and then hopped down between the rails (into the 4 foot) just as I went over it, before hearing a thud.

I’ve only ever hit pigeons and pheasants in the train and I always feel terrible.

Don’t you just love neighbours who don’t need to get up in the morning, therefore have no concept of reasonable noise levels at night?

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Seven years ago tonight, I was out getting ready for trick or treaters when we heard some horrific yowling. It would pause, then take up again a little closer. Turned out to be a kitten, literally going door to door yelling to be let in. I spoke to it when it got to the next door neighbor's porch and it left off yelling and raced over to meow at me and purr loudly when I petted it.

This morning’s job starts off with a taxi to London Blackfriars station. I’ve arrived before any trains have started to run today and I’ve never seen the station completely empty before!

We’re issued with a phone for work, which we’re supposed to make all of our work-related phone calls from. Apparently, our numbers are all stored and we won’t get through to certain numbers unless we use our work phone.

Fortunately, my phone is dual-SIM so I just put my work SIM in my personal phone. Now I don’t have to worry about keeping an extra phone charged and I can always be contacted by work in case they want to offer me overtime 👍🏻

If you want something to watch on Netflix, Army of Thieves is really good.

We haven’t finished watching it yet because @Malgosia kept falling asleep (she had to get up mega-early this morning) so I’m currently watching The Good Place.

I *may* be slightly intoxicated after drinking several bottles of Peroni/Moretti.

It’s @Malgosia’s last day at work tomorrow. She’s been there for 5 years, so no doubt it’s going to be emotional.

Speaking of lagers/alcohol, I recently arranged to meet a friend for drinks at a nearby Wetherspoons. For those of you who don’t know, Wetherspoons is a chain of cheap pub that a target-audience frequent.

We happened to meet on a Monday night, where we found that the pub was empty and that “Monday Club” existed. “Monday Club” is fundamentally the day when all alcohol is dirt-cheap in an effort to drum up business on an otherwise quiet night.

Every 3 weeks, I have Monday and Tuesday off work 👍🏻

I was buying a few bottles of Peroni in an off-licence recently and the proprietor was insisting that Moretti was the better Italian lager.

I’ve never tried Moretti before so I took the plunge, but can’t say I’m impressed. It’s “ok”, but nowhere near as enjoyable as Peroni.

This post reminds me of a very recent, short-lived advertising campaign for Moretti on TV. I remember thinking that the advert was a bit weird/stupid.

I don’t like Moretti. I’ll stick to Peroni.

What does everyone think of MeWe? I’ve signed up but I’ve been away from mainstream social media for so long now I just don’t “get it”/feel like I belong there.

I may just stick with

@Malgosia Ok, it’s playing again now. No reason or explanation but it’s working, so it doesn’t matter. Awesome movie 🍿

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Me and @Malgosia were in the middle of watching Army of Thieves on Netflix when it suddenly became unavailable. I’ve tried everything and it’s the only title which won’t play. Currently on the phone to Netflix support…

Another fake parking ticket dispensed to a colleague tonight 😂

I’ve been a little quiet of late (again!), so I apologise.

I’ve now been fully trained in ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and ETCS (European Train Control System/in-cab signalling) so between London Bridge and London St. Pancras, my train literally drives itself. At certain times, I have to drive it manually to maintain competence in the ETCS aspect.

Also, @Malgosia has landed herself a railway job (actually, she’s landed herself 2 railway jobs) which she starts soon!

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