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Currently waiting in A&E to see if anything in my hand is broken.

I hate to admit that alcohol and foolishness was involved but that I was the only person injured 😂

Anyone who passed their driving test in the UK prior to 1997 automatically received a trailer entitlement.

I passed my test in 1999 so I’m restricted on what I can tow; the maximum authorised weight of car and trailer cannot exceed 3,500kg and the unladen mass of the trailer cannot exceed the maximum mass of the car towing it.

The UK government have announced automatic trailer entitlement to anyone who passed their test now before 2013

Don’t tell @Malgosia, but I’m a bit drunk. We’ve made friends with a Scottish man who wasn’t smoking in the toilet…

We are currently here, with 2 hours left of travel to Glasgow.

One of the things I love about my job is the fact that where I don’t get free train travel, I get a 75% discount. Plus the benefit of making friends with train staff and being invited to sit in 1st class 😉

For my birthday surprise, @Malgosia has booked tickets to see Ricky Gervais live in Glasgow. I absolutely LOVE Ricky Gervais and if there’s one person I’d want to see live, it would be him. I’m so excited!!!

We’ve had a 75cl bottle of champagne, 6 x 220ml of Prosecco and @Malgosia has just embarked upon the journey of2 full coach lengths to buy 4 x more bottles of 200ml Prosecco.

I have to point out that @Malgosia isn’t entirety sober and the aisles through standard class are rather narrow.

@Malgosia has arranged a surprise for my 40th birthday in a few weeks time. We’re currently on a train from London to Glasgow and after drinking out champagne, we ‘accidentally’ purchased some additional Prosecco 😬

Obviously, we’re sat in the 1st class section after making friends with the train manager 😉

A gorgeous day can only mean one thing… BBQ FTW!!!

The only problem is that I’m struggling to get it hot enough today, so actually cooking the meat is proving troublesome 😮

For some reason, I tried to back the train up a bit and doing this magically got it back on the tracks again as if nothing had ever happened.

Both of those dreams were incredibly detailed and realistic. I wonder why I had such dreams two nights in a row?

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Again, the train dug into the ballast and eventually stopped. My colleague’s came to the front of the train and told me we weren’t supposed to take full power when leaving that station (although passing through at line speed apparently wasn’t a problem).

No one was hurt but I was terrified about getting into trouble, even though no one had ever told me not to take full power from that station before 😮

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This time I was driving but I had two or three colleagues elsewhere on the train (I think they were serving the passengers food and drink).

I had to stop at a station between Gravesend and Higham which we had never stopped at before (in reality, there’s a disused ‘staff halt’ between those two stations).

When departing from the station, I took full power and as we went over two bumps (kind of like speed bumps, but they actually looked like foot crossings) the train got thrown from the tracks.

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The night before last, I dreamt that I was a train driving instructor and that I had a trainee with me. The trainee was driving and as we rounded a bend, we saw that workmen ahead had lifted up and removed the tracks.

We tried to brake but couldn’t stop in time. The train ploughed into the ballast and then crashed into a building next to where the track had been. No one was hurt but I was really shaken up, both in the dream and when I woke up.

Last night, I had a similar dream.

Some short-term changes have been made to our shifts this week due to covid self-isolating.

This has resulted in me being on-call tomorrow, off on Sunday (waiting for confirmation on whether or not I’ll cover a colleague’s shift), spare on Monday and Tuesday, working Wednesday, spare on Thursday and then my 5 day weekend.

Me and Benji chillin’ in the garden (the beer is mine- I’m a responsible dog owner).

For you Brewdog fans, you’ll see that I’m drinking Elvis Juice 👍🏻

Today, I had to take a train into Cricklewood sidings and through the wash.

We don’t come here very often so it’s another reason why maintaining route knowledge is vital. Over the last two years, Cricklewood depot has changed considerably and it’s important that we’re aware of those changes (speeds, signalling, new “roads” etc).

Vasectomy stuff 

I received confirmation today that my vasectomy in May was a success 🎉

(We already found that out anyway 😂)

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I’m going to blame the newly cable tied key on Benji 👍🏻

I’ll leave it in my colleague’s pigeon hole as requested.

For the next two days, I’ll be getting the train to work so I’m asking myself “do I really want to go on that walk to the station with a concrete slab in my bag?”

I think I do.

(kind of)

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There’s some old bit of concrete slab in the garden, so I’m planning to drill through one of those (carefully), and cable tie the key to that. Personally, I think the idea is hilarious.

There’s a downside to this plan though.

Sometimes, our job finishes with a taxi back to the depot from a remote location. When I have one of these jobs, I get the train to work instead of driving and then get the taxi at the end to take me home because I’ll be home much quicker than going back to the depot.

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