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Vasectomy stuff 

I received confirmation today that my vasectomy in May was a success 🎉

(We already found that out anyway 😂)

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I’m going to blame the newly cable tied key on Benji 👍🏻

I’ll leave it in my colleague’s pigeon hole as requested.

For the next two days, I’ll be getting the train to work so I’m asking myself “do I really want to go on that walk to the station with a concrete slab in my bag?”

I think I do.

(kind of)

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There’s some old bit of concrete slab in the garden, so I’m planning to drill through one of those (carefully), and cable tie the key to that. Personally, I think the idea is hilarious.

There’s a downside to this plan though.

Sometimes, our job finishes with a taxi back to the depot from a remote location. When I have one of these jobs, I get the train to work instead of driving and then get the taxi at the end to take me home because I’ll be home much quicker than going back to the depot.

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I realised afterwards that effectively, the other driver is still missing a spare key because I only gave him one key (which should have been my key) as part of the handover. I still have an extra key, which is the other driver’s spare key. I text him last night to let him know I’ll leave him the key he’s owed in his pigeon hole.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t cable tie his second key to something ridiculous so I’m trying to decide what to do this time.

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He realised that he’d left his key at the other end so used his spare key in the meantime.

When I relieved the driver, he asked me to retrieve his forgotten key and to leave it in his pigeon hole, which I did… albeit cable-tied to a bunch of bulky items. Until he gets his key back, the other driver now only has one key (his spare one).

I realised that I would be relieving the same driver so thought it would be funny to hand him over his cable-tied key, which I did, attached to a bunch of crap.

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To set up and operate trains, we use a physical key. We all have one and if you’re wise, you’ll have more than one, just in case.

When we relieve another driver of their train, we hand them our key because their key is currently in the train, effectively keeping it switched on. When a driver finishes with the train, they remove the key and it becomes theirs. Every driver always has a key.

Last night, a colleague had terminated the train and swapped ends to come back the other way.

The driver I relieved earlier was the driver whose key I cable-tied to loads of stuff, so I thought I’d bring it out to him for our exchange.

He found it funny, but those cable ties are on pretty tight…

A colleague left his key in the rear cab of the train I relieved him of and he wasn’t especially polite in asking me to retrieve it and placing it in his pigeon hole.

I always keep some cable ties to hand so I figured I’d use them before leaving my colleague’s key for him 👍🏻

I turned up 30 minutes early for work 😩

I had it in my head that I started at 16:15, not 16:45 😭

For the last couple of days, our jobs have been amended due to engineering works. For the whole bank holiday weekend, we’ve only been running Rainham to Dartford.

Because of this, my job on Saturday and Sunday had no work for the first few hours so I got to come in later. Today’s job however, has work from start to finish for 8.5 hours. I’ve been spoilt by the last couple of days 😂

I had to provide and send a sample in a prepaid, biological material bag to a lab today to confirm that my vasectomy was successful.

The damn pot wouldn’t fit into the letterbox slot so I popped into the Post Office to see if they’d take it instead, but the man behind the counter was surprisingly reluctant to receive my deposit.

I ended up forcing the package into the letterbox by manhandling and persevering.

I just hope for the postperson’s sake that the pot didn’t split 😮

Driving an empty train is always fun, but being stuck behind a train stopping at every station is incredibly frustrating 😂

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Due to our train now running late, (I was due to travel on it to Dartford), the relieving driver was instructed to run non-stop to Dartford to make up time.

We eventually made it to Dartford but it meant I’d missed my official break, so I had to take the legal minimum (30 minutes) before I could drive an empty train back to Gillingham, as scheduled. This meant I missed my path and I ended up running behind a train which was in service, making me late back to the depot 😔

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It turned out that the driver who was due to relieve me at London Bridge had been delayed earlier on and was travelling on a train somewhere behind me, but the signaller didn’t know exactly which train he was on. To solve the problem, he was putting every other train around me until my relieving driver managed to get to London Bridge.

Eventually, after 30 minutes, the driver made it to London Bridge and I was allowed to continue to the station.

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Tonight, I got held at Blackfriars and the signaller contacted me to say that he wanted to move me out of the station and put another train around me.

He put me out onto the spur between Blackfriars and London Bridge (green line) and sure enough, another train was put around me (red line).

After a couple of minutes, another train was put around me so I contacted the signaller to find out what was going on. is now running the latest Mastodon version of 3.4.1 👍🏻

Installing nokogirl 1.11.6 with native extensions :t_blink:

I’ve just started my shift at work after catching up on some sleep during the day.

Statistically, train drivers are more likely to make mistakes immediately before and immediately after taking annual leave, so I’ve ensured I’m fully refreshed and ready to go.

Today, I drive to Rainham, up to Luton, have a break and then drive back to Gillingham before berthing my train at the old Rochester Station.

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