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I think Mastodon massively scales down images but I really like this one I took when me, @Malgosia and @Matt went on a wander earlier (@Feetlicker wanted to stay behind).

This photo is completely untouched but the colours and depth are really pleasing.

I’m currently on holiday in lovey Cornwall. It’s very tranquil, but phone signal is non-existent unless you literally stand in one corner and reach upwards.

It’s quite nice not having phones, but if I don’t reply to anyone, that’s why. Plus, I’ll be spending most of my time in the hot tub 👍🏻

I’m going to use an old desktop to host a Pleroma instance- which flavour of Linux should I use? I don’t mind CLI only.

Any advice?

Me and @Malgosia have popped to for the day. We’re sat on the harbour arm, drinking champagne and watching boats come and go.

I’ve been playing around with a Pleroma instance with and must say that the customisation features are far more functional than with Mastodon.

Perhaps I’ll take another shot at installing Pleroma on my server instead of Mastodon...

I thought I’d check out a hosted Pleroma solution with I know it should be considered in beta, but so far their service isn’t working and I’ve not received any response to an email I sent them 😞

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how do you cool your computer? please boost as far as possible, i'm really curious to see how many people oil cool their computers

Me and @Malgosia are off work for 2 weeks and we just spent our first day together on a “date” in Bromley whilst @Matt and @Feetlicker are at school.

We went for Japanese food (Miso) and doughnuts.

Living the dream 😁

I’ve disconnected the noisy fan from my Pi and the temperature has gone from 37° to 51° in 15 minutes with no load. At least I know the fans do their job 👍🏻

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Reminder: host your own fedi platform! :blobcattableflip:

#Pleroma is lightweight enough to easily run a small instance (family-sized) on a simple Raspberry Pi. It even comes with Mastodon’s UI plus you can install your own frontendsv like Bloat, Halcyon, Fedi FE (Soon™), Sengi, and a bunch of others.

#Mastodon is a bit heavier but should™ house a couple of users on a single-board computer and is a bit more user-friendly.

#MissKey is the heaviest of the three and by far the most attractive and featureful (imo).

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk :blobfox3c:

One of the fans on my Pi enclosure is starting to make a racket again. They only seem to last for a month or so before going bad 😫

vasectomy-related toot 

Wow, do my balls ache today 😮

It’s part of the recovery and is to be expected given what was done down there. I really appreciate this ice pack I’m sitting on right now 🥶

I spent £72.46 (saving £1.50) on fuel, £2.16 on a coffee. In return, I received a “free” reusable cup made from bamboo (I actually quite like it) and the privilege of carrying around a full tank of fuel, which will ultimately use up more fuel due to the extra weight.

Proof that vouchers always end up costing something 😂

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I get sent vouchers to use at Shell fuel stations but they usually expire before I can use them.

I currently had 2 active vouchers; one for £0.03 off per litre of fuel and one for a free reusable cup if I buy a Costa coffee.

Wanting something for nothing, I drove past my nearest BP fuel station to go to Shell, filled my tank all the way up and spent £2.16 on a coffee.

I usually only stick £40 of fuel into the car at a time and never buy coffee.

Currently waiting in the VW dealers for them to balance my wheels.

I’d be so impressed right now if someone came out from the service department with them stacked up upon their head.

@matt Did many other people join your instance using the cards you left dotted around? Did you consider using NFC tags?

I want to get some friends and family onto the fediverse (via Blimey Social, obviously) but it takes some getting used to.

Personally, I think the different feeds are very logical and the mute/block features make it easy to ignore anything you don’t want to see.

The only problem is that people get stuck in their ways and don’t want to move away from the “safe” services. That begs the question, how did everyone start using Twitter and Facebook in the first place?

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We've got some nice improvements scheduled for next week that will save you lots of clicks:
✅ allow list to load external images automatically
✅ always display sender field
Stay tuned! 🤩🥳

Well, today has been a learning curve...

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