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I spent £72.46 (saving £1.50) on fuel, £2.16 on a coffee. In return, I received a “free” reusable cup made from bamboo (I actually quite like it) and the privilege of carrying around a full tank of fuel, which will ultimately use up more fuel due to the extra weight.

Proof that vouchers always end up costing something 😂

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I get sent vouchers to use at Shell fuel stations but they usually expire before I can use them.

I currently had 2 active vouchers; one for £0.03 off per litre of fuel and one for a free reusable cup if I buy a Costa coffee.

Wanting something for nothing, I drove past my nearest BP fuel station to go to Shell, filled my tank all the way up and spent £2.16 on a coffee.

I usually only stick £40 of fuel into the car at a time and never buy coffee.

Currently waiting in the VW dealers for them to balance my wheels.

I’d be so impressed right now if someone came out from the service department with them stacked up upon their head.

@matt Did many other people join your instance using the cards you left dotted around? Did you consider using NFC tags?

I want to get some friends and family onto the fediverse (via Blimey Social, obviously) but it takes some getting used to.

Personally, I think the different feeds are very logical and the mute/block features make it easy to ignore anything you don’t want to see.

The only problem is that people get stuck in their ways and don’t want to move away from the “safe” services. That begs the question, how did everyone start using Twitter and Facebook in the first place?

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We've got some nice improvements scheduled for next week that will save you lots of clicks:
✅ allow list to load external images automatically
✅ always display sender field
Stay tuned! 🤩🥳

Well, today has been a learning curve...

@Shitonastick Have you made sense of anything on here yet?

“On call” today (since 05:30) and for the first time ever, there’s absolutely no chance of being called in because no trains are running 😁

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Why is leaving the Google and Apple mobile ecosystem a thing?

Because, even if you opt out of whatever the OS offers, you are still leaking data to them at an unacceptable rate.

When somebody doesn’t ‘get’ the fediverse...

@Tutanota Why can’t there be a setting that remembers to accept images from a specific sender, or at least which doesn’t make you have to click on ‘view images’ each time you come out of an email.

Me and my family all switched over to Tuta and this missing feature really sticks in our throats.

Toot about my private parts! 

My bits are starting to ache after my vasectomy the other day 🤕

@Matt is watching School of Rock (I’ve never watched it because I can’t stand Jack Black).

I’m only half-listening to it, but it’s a good reminder of why I can’t stand Jack Black.

I’m playing around with relays again to bring some more varied content onto Blimey Social.

There’s definitely a far more varied user base on the fediverse than there ever was on the birdsite, that’s for certain.

I was supposed to be early spare at work tomorrow (05:30) and one other person is the late spare. Everyone else rostered to work tomorrow is “on call”, because we don’t have any trains running from our depot due to widespread engineering works.

I had a chat with our resource manager and asked if I could be “on call” too, seeing as I’ll be of no use to the northern part of the network (there’s 4 depots on the northern part of the network).

I’m now “on call” tomorrow 😬

Once again I've been caught out by a dishonest seller on eBay. How are they allowed to advertise their location as being in the UK when they're clearly not..?

Up until now I'd set my instance to use the dark theme but I've just changed it to the light theme and I kinda like it...

I’m watching StartUp again; it was slow to get going but I really enjoyed it.

Once I’ve finished that, I may watch Mr Robot again. Season 2 was painfully slow and I never even bothered watching the last season, but watching it all in one go may make the whole thing watchable.

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