@stannard I can imagine you were somewhat overwhelmed when looking up into the vastness of the hall!

@kinetix Thanks! @Malgosia has always wanted to see an orchestra play so I arranged this for her birthday (which was back in June).

I managed to get us seats bang in the middle of the 7th row. We were so close, we could hear Sheku Kanneh-Mason breathing as he played his cello 😂

@stannard Wow- I always get angry when I see them at the end of October 😮

@cybette There was music by Delius, Elgar and Walton. Sheku Kanneh-Mason played Elgar’s “Cello Concerto” and Sir Bryn Terfel sang Walton’s “Belshazzar’s Feast” 👍🏻

That was a truly amazing experience. The sound is unbelievable and even if watching a live orchestra isn’t your thing, you have to try it one time just to experience the atmosphere. So much passion goes into the music being played and the words being sung. It’s left me feeling quite humbled.

Me and @Malgosia at the listening to the perform for their 75th anniversary (which almost coincides with the 150th anniversary of the ).

This is truly an amazing experience 🎶

@Malgosia has just been invited to an interview for the job she drunkenly applied for last night 😂


I’m helping @Malgosia apply for jobs online. The only issue is that we’ve both been drinking vodka and the applications are possibly not our best work.

PS We both have tomorrow off work because I’m taking her to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow evening.

I just saw a listing for a new Nicholas Cage film entitled “Pig”. Not convinced, I read the description.

I remain unconvinced.

What is “Mastodon::RaceConditionError:”??

My sidekiq queues have disappeared and for the first time in around a week, posts are displaying in real time on Blimey Social…

@benis It’s only 8 hours old 😂

Incidentally, jobs were mounting up in the “push” and “enqueued” queues only a couple of hours ago but they’ve now all dispersed, so hopefully sidekiq is working through stuff now…

@benoit I just took this screenshot to share with you and there were a few thousand jobs in the “enqueued” queue earlier. They’ve all now disappeared so perhaps they’ve been processed??

@kinetix Certainly for fare-paying passengers who expect me to stop at the correct stations 😂

@kinetix Thanks. It’s just down to having the time to try and crack on with it.

@kinetix Thank you. I will gladly take you up on that offer. I want to set it up on a machine running Ubuntu Server 👍🏻

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