For tonight’s little bit of overtime, I travel to Luton (via high speed services) to drive a train back down to Gillingham.

Total on-shift time is 4hrs 40mins, so a lovely bit of work to do on a rest day.

It’s route knowledge like this that we need to maintain for that one time we end up having to do a move that we’re not ordinarily familiar with.

The booked taxi arrived early (a new, electric London Black Cab) and the driver was keen to get back home to Essex after dropping me off, so I ended up getting home 40 minutes earlier than I was due to book off at the depot 👍🏻

I’m working overtime again tonight, but covering part of a Luton job only.

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However, Smithfield Sidings only has a third rail power supply, so before reaching City Thameslink we must remember to disable the automatic power changeover as we may forget that the pantographs have raised or muck around dropping them again. We also need to contact the signaller whilst at City Thameslink to confirm that the pantographs are down so that we get given the signal to proceed into the sidings.

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We only use Smithfield Sidings during times of disruption or when there’s literally nowhere else to stable a train so it’s unusual for this to be part of a booked job.

I’ve never actually taken a train in or out of Smithfield Sidings before (despite “signing it”) so this was something new for me.

Usually, when travelling north we must stop at City Thameslink to raise the pantographs and switch power supplies (we use 750v third rail south of City Thameslink and 25kv overhead lines northwards).

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I was offered overtime for last night late yesterday afternoon, so I accepted.

I had to drive a train to Luton, have a break, drive back down to Dartford and then run empty to Smithfield Sidings before travelling to Blackfriars and getting a taxi back home.

Smithfield Sidings is located in the tunnels between City Thameslink and Farringdon. It has two roads which can each accommodate a RLU.

@MindOfJoe @ray On that note, I’m off to bed. Work at 16:45 tomorrow 😮

Good night!

@MindOfJoe @ray I bet you’ve had at least 3 naps since then 😴 🤪

@MindOfJoe @ray True; it’s not even 11pm yet and I only got up for work at 2am this morning 😜

@MindOfJoe @ray I thought it would be sensible to use the official guide but I’ll have a look at the one you posted.

@MindOfJoe @ray I’m trying a clean install because I want to set up a new instance. If that eventually works, I want to set up a second Pleroma instance on the server and then migrate my Mastodon instance over. I’ve found a script for it, so it’s worth a go.

@MindOfJoe @ray I was very careful with which user I was entering commands and am fairly certain I didn’t miss anything out, but who knows?

Setting up a certificate with Certbot worked fine.

I’m going to drop the databases and database users and try to go again from there.

Thanks for trying it for me to see what I could be doing wrong- I appreciate it 👍🏻

@kinetix Thanks for the suggestion- I’ll look at those files tomorrow to see if I can find anything!

If I can’t fix it, it only takes 10 minutes to reinstall Ubuntu server 😬

@ray 😂

I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. Getting it working on Raspios was always going to be hit or miss but there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work on Ubuntu.

@ray I’ll need to try it again then.

As in the screen shot, there appear to be commands and what appears to be a script but obviously I’ve misinterpreted it.

I refuse to let it beat me when it can clearly be installed with ease by many other people 😂

@kinetix Well done for migrating everything over successfully 👍🏻

@kinetix I’ll give it another go tomorrow.

I have no idea what the issue with authentication/passwords was when trying to migrate the DB.

I even logged into the the DB and then manually changed the password to the one in prod.secret.exs, but still no cigar.

I tried a few times with DBs of different names, so I’ll need to delete those and the installation folders before I try again.

Ideally, I want to set up a new instance and migrate to a second Pleroma instance.

@ray I was copying and pasting all the commands but the $shell command opened up a different dialogue and I’m not sure the commands I entered were being registered.

The section “Installing Pleroma” at looks more like a script rather than individual commands.

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