I wasn’t going to post it yet because we’re still waiting for the plumber’s boss to come and get our shower working properly and install the extractor fan, but here’s our (practically) finished bathroom.

There was a door on the shelving (left hand side) but we thought it looks better without it.

This layout makes far better use of the small space.

The plumber has literally given up on the issues and we’ll have to wait for his boss to come back some time after 27th April when his quarantine has ended (if required).

For now, we’re stuck with a shower that sometimes stays at the same temperature 😫

In the meantime, the plumber is installing the new extractor fan in the ceiling (the old one was in the wall) but when he wired it up, there was no power to the fan. He asked me why this was, but I pointed out that it had the old one had been working and it’s only him that’s done anything with it.

Once those issues are resolved, hopefully he’ll fix the leaking shower cubicle.

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When the plumber’s boss originally came to quote the job, he said we’d need a separate pump because the hot water pressure was low, so we went and bought one.

When the plumber turned up to start work, he said we didn’t need a pump as the internal pump for the shower should be sufficient so we returned the pump.

I’ve got a feeling that we do need that pump.

The plumber’s boss is due back from India on 17th April, but will need to isolate for 10 days. Perhaps we should wait?

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Apparently our shower is installed and running. @Malgosia is just waiting for the water to heat up so she can try it- this is an exciting day 😂

The plumber has to come back tomorrow to install the new extractor fan (there was some confusion over whether or not he was supposed to (he was)) and then the bathroom is complete.

The plumber we employed had to rush to India for a family emergency, so kind of left his colleague in the lurch with our job.

Lots of progress has been made on the bathroom today.

I do wish the plumber would give me a list of bits that he needs so I can get it all in one go.

I had to go out to get some tile adhesive earlier and now he needs me to go and get some electrical cable first thing in the morning 😫

I wish the plumber would stop leaving the back door open. I’ve asked him several times because @benji likes taking himself into the garden unnoticed.

The plumber also keeps leaving the side gate open and I don’t trust @benji not to go exploring.

I can confirm that we’re all clean and shiny after using a friend’s shower 👍🏻

This evening we’re going to a friends’s house so that we can all shower 😂

There’s only so much a wash at the kitchen sink can achieve.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to use our own bathroom again from Tuesday night (Wednesday at the latest).

The bathroom is coming along slowly but surely.

On Monday the plumber will start to fit it out.

The plumber is a friendly chap and I’ve been offering him food and drink. He’s on his own, getting on with his work in the bathroom.

However, none of us know what to do with ourselves. We feel bad for getting on with our lives so are all just sitting around awkwardly, looking at our phones or laptops 😂

We now have hot running water again!

Apparently, there was air in the system which is odd as we’ve had to drain and refill the system in the past- I’m not sure why it would be problematic now. But, I’m not a plumber.

It seems we now have heating but for some bizarre reason, we have no running hot water.

At least we won’t be cold tonight.

We have hot water again!

The system was clogged with years of gunk and the plumber has managed to clean it all out.

This is a relief because last night it was so cold that Benji kept trying to sleep on top of me 😮

Here’s a photo of our bathroom before it was ripped out and a photo of it, erm, ripped out.

Toot regarding using the toilet 

After the plumber eventually packed up and left for the night, there was literal fighting and barging as we all fought our way to the (separate) toilet for our *ahem* “interrupted routines”.

Emoji not required.

I’ve just checked the weather for tonight- the temperature is going to drop down to 2° later! It’s been quite mild of late, so it’s typical that we have no heating just when it gets (almost) freezing cold!!

Our bathroom has been gutted and the plumber has replaced/installed the necessary plumbing for our new bathroom.

The only problem is that once he was done for the day and turned the heating back on, the boiler just didn’t want to heat up any water. No faults or error codes, it’s just decided to stop working.

The plumber will be back tomorrow to investigate and fix the fault, but for tonight we’ll have to wrap up warm as it’s quite chilly.

Just discovered that the shower tray/cubicle we bought is missing a flat waste pipe it should have come with so need to go out and buy one 😫

I’ll be billing that to the suppliers.

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