That was a truly amazing experience. The sound is unbelievable and even if watching a live orchestra isn’t your thing, you have to try it one time just to experience the atmosphere. So much passion goes into the music being played and the words being sung. It’s left me feeling quite humbled.

Me and @Malgosia at the listening to the perform for their 75th anniversary (which almost coincides with the 150th anniversary of the ).

This is truly an amazing experience 🎶

Currently waiting in A&E to see if anything in my hand is broken.

I hate to admit that alcohol and foolishness was involved but that I was the only person injured 😂

We are currently here, with 2 hours left of travel to Glasgow.

One of the things I love about my job is the fact that where I don’t get free train travel, I get a 75% discount. Plus the benefit of making friends with train staff and being invited to sit in 1st class 😉

A gorgeous day can only mean one thing… BBQ FTW!!!

The only problem is that I’m struggling to get it hot enough today, so actually cooking the meat is proving troublesome 😮

Me and Benji chillin’ in the garden (the beer is mine- I’m a responsible dog owner).

For you Brewdog fans, you’ll see that I’m drinking Elvis Juice 👍🏻

Today, I had to take a train into Cricklewood sidings and through the wash.

We don’t come here very often so it’s another reason why maintaining route knowledge is vital. Over the last two years, Cricklewood depot has changed considerably and it’s important that we’re aware of those changes (speeds, signalling, new “roads” etc).

I’m going to blame the newly cable tied key on Benji 👍🏻

I’ll leave it in my colleague’s pigeon hole as requested.

The driver I relieved earlier was the driver whose key I cable-tied to loads of stuff, so I thought I’d bring it out to him for our exchange.

He found it funny, but those cable ties are on pretty tight…

A colleague left his key in the rear cab of the train I relieved him of and he wasn’t especially polite in asking me to retrieve it and placing it in his pigeon hole.

I always keep some cable ties to hand so I figured I’d use them before leaving my colleague’s key for him 👍🏻

Tonight, I got held at Blackfriars and the signaller contacted me to say that he wanted to move me out of the station and put another train around me.

He put me out onto the spur between Blackfriars and London Bridge (green line) and sure enough, another train was put around me (red line).

After a couple of minutes, another train was put around me so I contacted the signaller to find out what was going on.

I’ve just started my shift at work after catching up on some sleep during the day.

Statistically, train drivers are more likely to make mistakes immediately before and immediately after taking annual leave, so I’ve ensured I’m fully refreshed and ready to go.

Today, I drive to Rainham, up to Luton, have a break and then drive back to Gillingham before berthing my train at the old Rochester Station.

I noticed we had a delivery yesterday and because we weren’t in, the courier helpfully dropped the parcel over our side gate.

I have no idea what the delivery is as we haven’t ordered anything, but I’m hoping that whatever it is, it isn’t fragile 😮

This was the view from our hotel room at Warsaw airport this morning. We had to get up at 3am to check-in for 03:30 for our 06:05 flight.

It turns out everything ran smoothly and we got through security and passport control with no issues.

I wish the same could be said for passport control at Luton airport, which is always horrendously busy.

It also doesn’t help that I clearly share my name with a criminal, so always get pulled to one side and asked about my (non-existent) criminal record 😮

The first shot of this stuff is vile but it destroys your taste buds, so every other shot afterwards is nothing.

I don’t like it at all, but we have a bottle of it to finish…

The sun sets here in Niechorze in 12 minutes time, so me and @Malgosia are here to admire Mother Nature 🌅 🏝

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