It’s route knowledge like this that we need to maintain for that one time we end up having to do a move that we’re not ordinarily familiar with.

The booked taxi arrived early (a new, electric London Black Cab) and the driver was keen to get back home to Essex after dropping me off, so I ended up getting home 40 minutes earlier than I was due to book off at the depot 👍🏻

I’m working overtime again tonight, but covering part of a Luton job only.

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I was offered overtime for last night late yesterday afternoon, so I accepted.

I had to drive a train to Luton, have a break, drive back down to Dartford and then run empty to Smithfield Sidings before travelling to Blackfriars and getting a taxi back home.

Smithfield Sidings is located in the tunnels between City Thameslink and Farringdon. It has two roads which can each accommodate a RLU.

Very early start today (03:44). I had to prepare a unit and bring it out of the depot and into the platform at Gillingham.

I drive to Luton, have a break and then drive back down to Gillingham.

I’ve been playing around with the lidar on my phone and used it to make a quick 3D scan of the cab in one of our trains (class 700).

I decided upon an impromptu BBQ this evening because I got the train home from work (I usually drive) and passed the butchers where we get our meat from.

It was perfect (obviously), but there was a small mishap involving large flames and the hairs on my left arm. My arm still smells of bacon 😮

We’re on the beach at Carbis Bay today.

We’ve been really lucky with the weather this week ☀️

Every now and again, English weather isn’t crap. Cornwall is currently basking in glorious sunshine ☀️

Hope you’re all enjoying the sun too.

I think Mastodon massively scales down images but I really like this one I took when me, @Malgosia and @Matt went on a wander earlier (@Feetlicker wanted to stay behind).

This photo is completely untouched but the colours and depth are really pleasing.

I’m currently on holiday in lovey Cornwall. It’s very tranquil, but phone signal is non-existent unless you literally stand in one corner and reach upwards.

It’s quite nice not having phones, but if I don’t reply to anyone, that’s why. Plus, I’ll be spending most of my time in the hot tub 👍🏻

Me and @Malgosia have popped to for the day. We’re sat on the harbour arm, drinking champagne and watching boats come and go.

When somebody doesn’t ‘get’ the fediverse...

Here’s the attempted escape (subject to the 6.5 second limit for a gif).

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A neighbour just came to alert me to the fact that our gazebo tried to make a break for it in the freak gale-force winds that have appeared from nowhere.

It must have lifted 6’ in the air before landing upside down 😮

As soon as I’d finished cooking the food, the rain stopped and the sun came out 😮🌧☀️

I guess that was inevitable. Plastic + flames = hole

The melted plastic dripping onto the meat probably adds to the flavour anyway 👍🏻

@Feetlicker had her birthday the other day and today she’s having a small, outdoor gathering of friends.

You can never go wrong with a BBQ, even if rain is forecast 🌧 🍖 🍗 🎈

Tonight, I berthed my train in the Rochester Down Loop. The Rochester Up and Down Loops are at the “old” Rochester station, which closed in 2015 after the “new” station was completed 500m closer to Rochester.

Nowadays, the platforms at the “old” station are accessed via a series of locked gates and walkways.

More information on the “old” and “new” Rochester stations can be found at,0

I’ve just received my first COVID vaccination 👍🏻 💉

Ooh err... the police have turned up. I didn’t think we were *that* loud 😮

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