When we’re “spare” at work (on standby, just in case someone is ill or there’s any major disruption), most of us will help others out by finishing the last bit of their jobs, meaning they get to go home early.

In the past, when I’ve been the 3am or 4am spare, I’ve covered the last bit of a night person’s job, so that they get to go home a good few hours early. It’s especially nice to have that happen at the end of your 7 days of nights.

Unfortunately, every time I’m on nights, one of the not-so-helpful minority is the 3am or 4am spare, who would rather sit there watching catch-up tv on their tablet or laptop instead of helping out a colleague.

Luckily, there aren’t many unhelpful people and my shift (there are 3 shifts) as a whole always help ALL shifts if it means someone can get home early.

In fact, we have one job where we’ll readily work 30 minutes longer because it gets another person away 1.5 hours early.

Oh well.

@alan If there's strong camaraderie in the group, there shouldn't be too much trouble correcting that behavior, no?

@MindOfJoe You’d think, right?

Some people are open about not wanting to help and accept that they won’t receive help in return 🤷🏻‍♂️

@alan That's a shame. There's inevitably the day when each of us needs a hand. Maybe after that they get it right 🤷

@MindOfJoe Personally, I get bored if I’m sat all day doing nothing. Doing a little bit of work still means having an easy day, but you’ve helped a few others finish early. Everyone’s a winner.

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