It’s exceptionally slippery out here this morning with thick fog in places.

Currently at Dartford as the 04:58 to Rainham. I’ll be relieved at Gillingham so I can go home and get some sleep after my penultimate night shift.

@alan Do you go back to days right away, or do they give you some time to adjust?

@MindOfJoe The only requirement is that we have 12 hours between the end of one shift and the start of another.

After our week of nights, we get our usual 2 days off but of course part of the first one is lost due to sleeping and typically, we start on the early shift after our days off so end up going to bed very early on the evening/night of the second day off.

All that said, we start our week of nights after 5 days off and the last shift before that finishes quite early.

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