I hate the night shift 😮

Last night, I was “spare” and ended up being taxied to Cricklewood just to prep 4 units (each train has to be prepped before service each day) and then drive one of the first services empty to West Hampstead and then onwards to London Bridge before travelling home.

Between midnight and 05:00 I’d walked 4 miles!

@alan That's good for you ~ the walking, not the mental torture 😝 // Happy Saturday!

@MindOfJoe Not drinking alcohol is also good for you, but you don’t see me doing that 😮

Happy Saturday to you, too. Hopefully, I should be finished by 2am tomorrow morning so will enjoy some alcohol when I get home in lieu of walking.

@alan Wisdom, Whiskey, Walking

You’re right ~ looks better with just the first two 🤣

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