Me and @Malgosia at the listening to the perform for their 75th anniversary (which almost coincides with the 150th anniversary of the ).

This is truly an amazing experience 🎶

@alan @Malgosia That's pretty snazzy! Congrats, really, that's a heck of a treat!

@kinetix Thanks! @Malgosia has always wanted to see an orchestra play so I arranged this for her birthday (which was back in June).

I managed to get us seats bang in the middle of the 7th row. We were so close, we could hear Sheku Kanneh-Mason breathing as he played his cello 😂

@alan @Malgosia I suspect the music would have been something to behold, too!

@kinetix @Malgosia Yep, definitely. Music first, heavy breathing a close second 😂

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