Found something on my backend; my Sidekiq pull queue is rapidly growing. If I delete the queue, the post “posted” times become within the last few seconds.

What’s stalling my processes??

@alan I'm glad you found something, at least. I held on to your post from earlier today just so I would check to see how was responding. All seems fine - and then you posted this.

Good luck? Check all the logs? Switch to pleroma? ;-)

@kinetix Don’t get me started on running Pleroma 😂

@alan Hey, if you need help toying around with it, especially if you want to run from source, lemme know.
@alan Right. I didn't want to use the word, apparently.

@kinetix Thank you. I will gladly take you up on that offer. I want to set it up on a machine running Ubuntu Server 👍🏻

@alan I haven't tried on Ubuntu Server myself but I would hope it wouldn't be too dissimilar than Debian. All worked just fine with the build tools on Debian at the time. But, I could always spin up an Ubuntu VM if there was something quirky on it that caused issues. No worries, look forward to hearing further if you try tackling it again.

@kinetix Thanks. It’s just down to having the time to try and crack on with it.

@alan I know how that goes all too well. If only you could work on that stuff in between train stations, no? haha.

@kinetix Certainly for fare-paying passengers who expect me to stop at the correct stations 😂

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