I think something is up with the time stamps or feed on my instance. Nothing is showing up as being recent; it’s all several hours old and the times of posts in the feed correspond with the age of the post. That goes for local and federated timelines.

A “new” post from someone just showed up as 8 hours old but it wasn’t there when I looked an hour ago 🤔

This post displays its age correctly…

@alan I wonder if there was federation/connectivity issues toward your blimeyness for awhile? Or, perhaps to a relay or to those instances where you saw the posts arrive way after they were posted.

@kinetix Possibly, but I can’t see how it would affect the federation with more than one instance.

I need to restart my instance, I think…

@kinetix incidentally, your reply showed up as 18:18. Whats the time where you are now/when you posted?

@alan I had apparently posted my reply at 10:18am my time, Pacific. ( -7 )

@kinetix I have no idea what's going on 🤷‍♂️

@alan It's saying 11 hours ago (As of now) if that's any help?

@srednivashtar The one you just replied to? It’s showing as 20 hours ago for me 😂

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