I forgot that I installed Ubuntu server on my old desktop after adding some more RAM with the intention of installing Pleroma, to replace Mastodon on my Pi.

Guess what I’ll be doing today?

Even more reason to do this is that once again, one of the cooling fans on my Pi case has started to make a racket (again), so I’ve unplugged them. This is the third time on the third replacement case I’ve received from Amazon and the Pi is quite warm to touch.

@alan I've got cooling fans on my Pi's. They came with the POE hat. I keep wondering whether to take them off because I'm not 100% sure that they make much difference.

@jamie My fans definitely make a difference- I’ve checked the temperature both with them running and without. They lower the temperature by around 10°.

@alan Probably best keep them on then. The ambient temperature where they are sat can reach 35 degrees on a hot day.

@jamie I want to migrate everything over to an old desktop PC which obviously has better cooling. That's not exactly going to plan so far 😂

@alan I like that they take little space. I've got two sat in a drawer and they do most of our media & networking stuff. Not the most powerful machines, but very discreet.

@jamie They're amazing for light work, especially at the price. The only thing that makes me nervous is the reliability of SD cards...

@alan Yeah, that's why both of mine boot from SSDs.


@jamie Are the SSDs connected via an adaptor to USB..?

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@alan Yeah. It was a bit hacky when I did it, but I think the capability is in the default firmware now.

The POE hat provides enough power to the SSD as well, so each of them only has one cable connected, plus the drive. Very neat.


@jamie Thanks for that. I had a script running to backup the SD card to an identical SD card connected to USB. I then set it to boot from USB in the event that the main SSD was unavailable. I have a spare SSD drive which I could use...

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