Today, I was 03:15 spare.

I offered to cover the last bit of a night driver’s job which meant he got to go home to bed 2 hours early.

Taxi to Plumstead sidings to prepare a train, drive empty to Dartford and then in service to Gillingham where I’d be relieved.

I was booked to leave Plumstead sidings from the south end but my route was blocked by another train, so I had to depart via the north end and do a shunt into platform 1 at the station.

Before leaving the sidings, a fire alarm went off in the accessible toilet, which had previously been locked out due to a fault.

I went back to check for fire and it was a false alarm.

On the way to Dartford, the same fire alarm went off again so the fire alarm system had to be isolated. This means the train can’t enter service.

I took the train empty to Gillingham where the driver due to relieve me would take it empty to the maintenance depot at Cricklewood.

I did offer to take the train to Cricklewood from Dartford, but Control didn’t want me getting in the way of peak-time services so the decision was made for the relieving driver to run empty on the originally-booked pathway.

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