We loved Cornwall so much I spontaneously applied for a job down there 😂

@MindOfJoe Thank you, but I’m not sure I actually want the job 😮

It’s a totally different place to anywhere in or near London, but it’s just so damn far away from EVERYthing. It’s pretty and peaceful though...

@alan Any idea how it is down there off-season?

@alan Best of luck 🤞 Cornwall is beautiful. I can soooo understand your feelings!

@Bella It is, but maybe it’s beauty couldn’t be appreciated as much if one lived there.

Perhaps it should remain a tranquil place to go on holiday to?

@alan NO! If living there could make your (free) time special, do consider moving. We only have this one life and if the beauty of Cornwall could enhance the quality of this one life, it's worth giving it a shot. I am considering the same here in Germany. I want to move closer to the sea, cause it makes me happy and I want to be surrounded by nature. If you find a job there and your family is game, go for it!

@Bella I haven’t checked to see what the weather is like throughout the rest of the year 😂

@alan Palm trees grow there! It's lovely!
(Okay, it can also get very foggy in autumn, but let's ignore that 😉

@Bella @alan
I have family who live there, Weather is very mild, but often damp.
Known as cornish sunshine.
Roads clogged with tourists at times, however, a beautiful place to live.

@stannard @Bella The roads were awful when we left last Friday- I can’t imagine having to endure that just to get to and from work..!

@alan Didn't you see any? Cornwall is famous for its palm trees. The climate is so mild that they do grow there.

@Bella I’m not the most observant person at the best of times, let alone when I’m relaxing on holiday 😂

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