Me and @Malgosia have popped to for the day. We’re sat on the harbour arm, drinking champagne and watching boats come and go.

@srednivashtar I think they’ve stopped for a spot of lunch first 🍲

@srednivashtar I can’t read the story because you have to register.

It’s impressive they had a story online in 1990.

@alan @Malgosia
Nice! Popping down there on a week to visit our daughter fora couple of days.

@omnicaritas @Malgosia Not this time. The train is fine, but we have to travel back towards London to get the train here so it’s a bit of a faff.

The train is good though as we don’t pay for it 😉

@alan @Malgosia
We could go via London Bridge, but a bit cheaper and quicker to go from Grove Park and change at Sevenoaks.

@omnicaritas @Malgosia To be honest, I hate going anywhere by train now 😂

@alan "Just because" or have you finally tied the knot?! @Malgosia

@Bella @Malgosia I’m afraid not- it’s “just because”. We’ve booked our wedding for next May.

We just enjoy going to the coast 👍🏻

@alan "Just because" is also a perfectly good reason. Especially when being by the sea. Have a great time! @Malgosia

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