I’ve been playing around with a Pleroma instance with and must say that the customisation features are far more functional than with Mastodon.

Perhaps I’ll take another shot at installing Pleroma on my server instead of Mastodon...

@alan There are a lot Pleorma Admins active in the Fediverse.

Just ask around...

@Fotoente At the time, I was brand new to the fediverse and didn’t really have anyone to ask.

I think I’ll have to create an alt account to ask for help as my instance will disappear whilst I’m trying to install Pleroma.

I’ll have it make sure I download my data first.

@alan Many admins have a secondary maintanence account during updating their instance. i just don't know if its possible to migarte from mastodon to pleorma... mayber there is a way to keep at least the postings

@Fotoente I just came across and it implies a complete migration, which would be fantastic.

Apparently, elixir and erlang are known to be problematic on a Pi, but there’s a way around it. This was where I got stuck before.

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