I’ve disconnected the noisy fan from my Pi and the temperature has gone from 37° to 51° in 15 minutes with no load. At least I know the fans do their job 👍🏻

@alan in my efforts to build quiet computers a big enouh heat sink can also work. Also bigger, s!oweer fans are quieter than smaller faster fans.

This explains some of the quiet desktop coolers where a giant heatsink connects to a 100mm or larger fan

@alan That is some terrible phone typing there. I really should investigate getting some glasses.

Unfortunately I rather dislike the US eye glass monopoly.

@alienghic My little Pi sits next to all the internet stuff, so there's quite a bit of heat in that corner of the room.
The case on my Pi makes it one giant heatsink with thermal pads linking it to the hotspots.
When the fans are behaving, you literally don't know they're on, but it definitely needs those fans.
However, perhaps a single, larger fan can be retrofitted and will be more reliable..?

@alan nah, this is jus the built-in cooking functionality

@hiro98 I wanted the model *without* the built-in cooker though 😬

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