@cypnk I didn’t know people still had pagers in 2014 😮

@alan Oh, I think this specific example was from someone selling it on eBay at the time. I don't think it was actually on a network

@alan I'm sure there's some distant corner where someone is still using a pager. Or at least I like to think so

@cypnk I think they’re only used on small, business networks these days.

I used have one but they were so expensive to call, no one ever contacted me on it 😂

@alan You can decode pager messages with an SDR radio. They’re not encrypted, and the signal is quite strong. I can pickup transmissions from our local hospital and from the factories on the dock.

AFAIK there is only one company that manages the UK network now.


@jamie I’m surprised factories use pagers; you’d think walkie talkies would be more efficient 📟

@alan I'm not sure if they actually use pagers in the factories. The messages I was decoding were things like pressure measurements, so I think they just used the same frequency / protocol.

I think the reason they are used in hospitals is that can still get a signal deep in the bowels of a building, where mobiles struggle.


@jamie Don’t pagers use some of the old GSMR frequencies? I didn’t think they were that great at penetrating structures.

@alan Yeah, I think so. My understanding is that the signal is delivered with more power, so penetrates better - but I don't know much about this stuff.

Apparently they are getting phased out by the NHS, but GOV.uk says:

"The NHS uses around 130,000 pagers at an annual cost of £6.6 million. More than one in 10 of the world’s pagers are used by the NHS."

@jamie I’d guess that pagers aren’t very cost-efficient!!

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