Do any instance admins know how to undo an account set as a memoriam?

I was curious about it’s exact functionality as it doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere and now the user account I tested it on is locked out.

I’ve tried various options using tootctl commands (activate, unblock etc) but the account still can’t be logged into.

Pro tip: don’t set a Mastodon account as a memoriam if you ever want to gain access to it again 😂

@alan Ugh, sympathies! My pro tip, aimed at Mastodon developers is this: comment your fucking code, and provide adequate external documentation so that people don't need to be asking these questions.

@grumpysmiffy There’s literally nothing about this function anywhere...

@alan have you tried tootctl creating a new account with the same username) using the "--reattach" flag?

It worked for me to recover an account that was deleted (which doesn't release the username)

@M0YNG No, I haven’t but that sounds like something worth trying. I’ll give it a go and let you know if it does anything 👍🏻

@M0YNG I finally got around to trying this but received: “The chosen username is currently in use. Use - -force to reattach it anyway and delete the other user”.

I wanted to avoid actually deleting the other account but I think it’s the only option.

@alan maybe backup the account, do the force, then restore?

Worth trying on a test account though

@M0YNG I didn’t think of that! It’s too late 😂

@alan no problem, glad I could help - sorry I was too late with some of it!

@M0YNG You’ve let yourself down. I’m not mad; I’m just very disappointed 😉😬

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