You know when you get that little bit of skin on the side of your fingernail that you should definitely leave alone, because trying to pluck it never goes well?

Yes, that.

Even as I was picking at it, I was telling myself “leave it alone, Alan!”

There are some things we never learn...

@autumn It wasn’t even a hangnail... just a bit of white skin that I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

@alan did the same myself this morning :-( And I am prone to whitlows which are agony and come after doing that..

@alan ha just read on that wiki page that it says genitals are a common source of it.
😮 I'm clean, honest!

@Luke I’ll be seeking advice and treatment from elsewhere, thank you Dr Luke 🤐😂

@stannard @Luke I’d be very concerned if Luke’s genitals were the cause of my finger mishap earlier today 😮

@alan Oh, that's a red thing that stings! Hand sani is going to be much fun for a bit.

@kinetix I’ve not had to use any yet but I can 100% guarantee I’ll forget about this until the moment when I do 😂

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