This is a long shot, but I want to put the power of social media and federation to the test.

My son wants to become a commercial airline pilot when he’s grown up. It would be awesome if we could find a commercial pilot in the fediverse that we can follow and ask questions of.

If everyone who reads this could boost it, it would be much appreciated and it would mean the world to my son if he could get in touch with a real-life commercial pilot! ✈️

@alan The husband of a friend of mine does this, but neither of them are on the fedi. 😭

Two of my ex-colleagues were trained as a pilot. It wasn't great. They had the highest study related debts of anyone working at our webhosting company.

There were no piloting jobs and the few job listings that were out there didn't even offer the promised level of salaries. This was about 8 years ago, so the bad job market wasn't yet related to Covid.

At least one time, one of them paid a lot of money just to make some flight hours, to prevent from losing their license.

This is in the Netherlands though, maybe things are different where you are.

@kingannoy To be honest, I don’t think it’s much different here in the UK and if anything, it’ll be harder/worse post COVID.

@kingannoy Thanks for your input, Jesse.
I’ve explained to my son that in theory, it’s a wonderful career but in reality, it’s incredibly tough to get into. Even once qualified, employment conditions aren’t always great and one would have to be incredibly lucky to fly their dream plane with their dream airline.
However, it’s important to have dreams and it’s not an impossible feat to achieve but it would be great to chat to some who have done it or at least tried.

I didn't intend to be a Debby downer.

I understand it's great to have dreams. I think this one is maybe just not that great. I haven't even mentioned the climate impact yet...

Have you talked to him about alternative ways of flying? Like gliding, paramotoring, hang gliding or ultra lights? These are all things you can do with a lot less debt, and I imagine they will give you a much bigger feeling of freedom too. You are just not allowed to have too much fun in a Airbus...

@kingannoy He hasn’t considered or looked at any of those alternatives because the internet says his dream is easily achievable 😩

He’s 10 years old, so he can have his dreams without realists like you and I interfering with things 😉


Surely there are some Usenet groups about aviation, even if I'm not aware of them (and, alas, not a lot of people uses Usenet anymore).

Perhaps a starting point, better than nothing, could be the aviation section of Stackexchange:

@GustavinoBevilacqua My son has done a ton of research online but I’ll point him in the direction of the link you posted- thank you.
It would be cool if he can actually chat with some pilots- he’d absolutely love it.


@sean could pave the way and he knows civil pilots who are interested in helping. 😃

I actually already follow @sean and despite his display name, I didn’t even think to ask him 🤓
Thanks for the suggestion!

@alan @kranfahrer sadly, I do not yet know any pilots here in the Air Force! I'm currently in training to be a maintainer, and from what I understand, our interactions with pilots are pretty much limited to troubleshooting.

Good luck with finding answers, though!

@sean Thanks for replying, Sean.
My son loves all aspects of flying, including maintenance. Would you be open to him asking you any questions? He’s interested in the different types of engine too...

@alan ich vermute @fly_it und @sophie können entweder direkt oder per Empfehlungen helfen 😉

Hi @alan,
I have been working as an airline pilot on Boeing 737 and today on the A320 family. You can follow me or this instance if you like. At least I might be able to offer a european perspective on schools and the job situation.

Feel free to ask anything, I will be happy to help.

I believe @grumpy_copilot and @0 should have experience on the topic, too.



yeah, I’ve been FO on A320 and MD-11F so far. While I'm not posting much aviation content here I’m open to answering questions! =)

@grumpy_copilot That would be great-thank you!
I’ll get my son (@Matt) to follow you as I’m sure he’d love to ask you a load of questions!

@fly_it Thanks for getting in touch! My son (@mattt) will be over the moon if he can chat to and ask a real FO about flying those planes!
No doubt you’ll be bombarded with toots from him very soon!

@xpac @fly_it

Hello @alan ,
I am not (yet) a professional pilot, but grew up on small airfields. So I can help with the first steps into a glider of the local flying clubs. This is easier than you think and already possible at the age of 14 (in Germany).

You are welcome to follow me here. If there is any question, don't hestitate to ask me.

@sophie Thanks for replying, Sophie.
My son has already done a ton of research on flying and knows that the way to start is via the Air Cadets (here in the UK) when he’s 15. I’ll get him to follow you (@Matt) as I’m sure he’d love to know about your experience of growing up on small airfields.
Were/are your parents in the Armed Forces?

@alan @Matt

My grandfather was a passionate glider pilot and later in his life he added the Light Sports Aircraft class on top.

After finishing my studies I joined my local flying club and am currently training for the PPL(A) license. the plan is to extend this afterwards to a CPL(A) and start the flight instructor training.

@sophie So what plane do you fly in training? A cessna?


I fly multiple planes.

Diamond HK36 & DA20
Maule MX-7
Arcus M
Grob G 103

So it's a mix of multiple aircrafts. SEPs and Gliders :take_off:

The picture was taken on board of a DA20, 5 minutes after departure in the climb phase.

@alan @fly_it @sophie I'm obviously context switching too much. That toot was supposed to be in English :D

@rantingsteve @alan thanks for the ping. It’s been a while since I was employed as a pilot but still know of a number of programs that might help him. These days I’m just trying to find time to work as a flight instructor on the side (the fun part of flying for me). Feel free to DM me if I can help at all.

@chris Thanks for your rely, Chris. It’s much appreciated!
I’ll get my son (@Matt) to follow you. He’ll be over the moon that he can ask a real (ex) pilot questions about his dream career!

@alan @Matt Anytime. One program I might recommend right off the bat (when it's safe to do so) is this aviation summer camp from one of the better collegiate aviation programs

@chris @Matt Thanks for the recommendation, but getting there from the UK may be a little tricky 😉

@alan @Matt You would be surprised how many intl students we had there. Gotta get past COVID, I realize, but there were plenty of opportunities regardless of nationality

@chris My son is planning on doing any training in Poland (his mother is from there) but COVID permitting, anywhere can be a potential option!

@david Thanks for the suggestions!

Someone else already suggested Chris but not Pandora Parrot 👍🏻

@alan I'm on the Portuguese Air Force. Not a pilot myself, but know a bunch 😉

@r3pek Thanks for your reply!

Out of curiosity, what do you do in the airforce?

@r3pek Are you involved in any of the plane or land based systems out of curiosity?

@alan yeah.... lots of stuff "touch" IT. several dependent system that actually rely on us to do something...

@r3pek My son is interested in all aspects of aviation so he may have some questions about software 👍🏻

@alan Not a pilot, but I would make three suggestions:

1. You've probably thought of this, but get him a nice high quality flight simulator, flight yolk, etc.
2. There are a bunch of air traffic control channels on YouTube. Ex.
3. He might want to get his HAM license, and learn software defined radio (SDR), and he can listen to FAA traffic with a Raspberry Pi and a USB dongle. It's much better than using an analog setup.

Is that at all helpful?

@profoundlynerdy Hi, Jeff.

1. My son already uses a few very basic simulators but obviously the plan is to get him a decent setup. Unfortunately, it’ll be quite expensive so we’ll have to play that bit by ear.
2. He already follows a bunch of YouTube channels- one of his favourites is run by Captain Joe.
3. That’s an excellent suggestion. I’m already a fan of the Pi (I run this instance on one) and that could be something he’d be interested in.

Thanks for those suggestions 👍🏻

@kunsi Thanks for the suggestion- I’ve already been in touch with Sophie 👍🏻

@andy Thanks for the suggestion, Andy! 👍🏻

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