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Wow- I just noticed the view from my friend’s house in Cork 😮

I’m drinking Guinness in a proper pub in Cork, Ireland 👍🏻☘️

Oh, I also had to pay for an outbound covid test (£66) but then the Irish government decided that’s not necessary until inbound flights from tomorrow (because 2 or 3 days make all of the difference) 😡

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I managed to book a later flight (costing a whopping £35) and have headed straight to the airport whilst my face was still numb.

The anaesthetic has worn off and I’m now in a different kind of pain. Hopefully, the antibiotics I’ve been prescribed will help somewhat and I can enjoy my mini-break in Ireland.

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My friend has been staying at his family home in Ireland for the last few weeks and with my long weekend and flights to Cork only £4.99(!), it would have been rude not to visit him. I’ve never been to Ireland before.

However, two days ago I got toothache and tried to ignore it until last night, when I was almost crying with pain.

I couldn’t get hold of my dentist so found a private one in London and ended up with root canal work 😧

It’s frosty this morning and the rails are pretty slippery 🧊

The fact that I have toothache doesn’t bode well with the fact that I fully intended to yum some Häagen Dazs praline & cream ice cream this evening.

I may have to place the ice cream consumption on hold. is now running the latest Mastodon version of 3.4.4 👍🏻

I was supposed to be flying to Ireland next weekend but I guess that won’t be happening if I have to self-isolate pending the result of a covid test 😮

Seeing as I’m currently being paid to sit around, I’m busy going through my feeds and blocking/silencing users/instances at server level that spout hatred/porn/inappropriate nonsense.

Me and @Malgosia became fed up with borrowing @Matt’s or @Feetlicker’s laptop when we needed to do stuff online so we’ve treated ourselves to an early Christmas present; a MacBook Air. It’s being delivered today between 12:00 and 13:00 so I’m looking forward to playing with that after work.

Today I’m “spare”, along with another driver. There are three more drivers “spare” in fairly quick succession from around 13.00 onwards, so I’m hoping there’s no chance of being given any work today.

Me and the colleague who’s in now have already worked out which bits we can do for others to get them a longer lunch break or to get them home earlier 👍🏻

Got up at 16:00 yesterday afternoon and tried going to bed at 01:00.

Was wide awake at 03:00 and gave up trying to sleep at 04:30.

Hopefully I’ll be tired enough early tonight to sleep until a sensible time tomorrow (07:15 start at work).

Horrible night shifts 😣

Drinking a nice, cold Peroni to celebrate the end of a 7 day night shift 🍺

I was parked on double yellow lines to pop into a shop earlier and as I came out, two traffic wardens walked past.

That was my cue to quickly apologise and jog over to move the car but one of the traffic wardens shouted to the other “quick, stand in front of the car!”

Luckily, the second traffic warden hesitated which gave me time to jump in and drive off. I never knew traffic wardens could be so aggressive 😮

It’s 4pm and I just woke up. I was hoping to get up earlier than this but I guess I needed the sleep.

That’s most of one of my two days off gone, but that’s a pitfall of coming off from a night shift.

It’s almost 8am here, so I bid you all good night 😴

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