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That was a truly amazing experience. The sound is unbelievable and even if watching a live orchestra isn’t your thing, you have to try it one time just to experience the atmosphere. So much passion goes into the music being played and the words being sung. It’s left me feeling quite humbled.

Me and @Malgosia at the listening to the perform for their 75th anniversary (which almost coincides with the 150th anniversary of the ).

This is truly an amazing experience 🎶

@Malgosia has just been invited to an interview for the job she drunkenly applied for last night 😂

I’m helping @Malgosia apply for jobs online. The only issue is that we’ve both been drinking vodka and the applications are possibly not our best work.

PS We both have tomorrow off work because I’m taking her to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow evening.

I just saw a listing for a new Nicholas Cage film entitled “Pig”. Not convinced, I read the description.

I remain unconvinced.

What is “Mastodon::RaceConditionError:”??

My sidekiq queues have disappeared and for the first time in around a week, posts are displaying in real time on Blimey Social…

Found something on my backend; my Sidekiq pull queue is rapidly growing. If I delete the queue, the post “posted” times become within the last few seconds.

What’s stalling my processes??

Posts in my home feed are steadily getting older and older. No new posts are newer than one day old 😮

My federated feed’s newest posts are 8 hours old.

I have no idea what’s going on. Nothing untoward appears on the logs and there’s nothing stuck in the database 🤷🏻‍♂️

I think something is up with the time stamps or feed on my instance. Nothing is showing up as being recent; it’s all several hours old and the times of posts in the feed correspond with the age of the post. That goes for local and federated timelines.

A “new” post from someone just showed up as 8 hours old but it wasn’t there when I looked an hour ago 🤔

Just arrived home from A&E where an x ray confirmed nothing is broken 👍🏻

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Currently waiting in A&E to see if anything in my hand is broken.

I hate to admit that alcohol and foolishness was involved but that I was the only person injured 😂

Anyone who passed their driving test in the UK prior to 1997 automatically received a trailer entitlement.

I passed my test in 1999 so I’m restricted on what I can tow; the maximum authorised weight of car and trailer cannot exceed 3,500kg and the unladen mass of the trailer cannot exceed the maximum mass of the car towing it.

The UK government have announced automatic trailer entitlement to anyone who passed their test now before 2013

Don’t tell @Malgosia, but I’m a bit drunk. We’ve made friends with a Scottish man who wasn’t smoking in the toilet…

We are currently here, with 2 hours left of travel to Glasgow.

One of the things I love about my job is the fact that where I don’t get free train travel, I get a 75% discount. Plus the benefit of making friends with train staff and being invited to sit in 1st class 😉

For my birthday surprise, @Malgosia has booked tickets to see Ricky Gervais live in Glasgow. I absolutely LOVE Ricky Gervais and if there’s one person I’d want to see live, it would be him. I’m so excited!!!

We’ve had a 75cl bottle of champagne, 6 x 220ml of Prosecco and @Malgosia has just embarked upon the journey of2 full coach lengths to buy 4 x more bottles of 200ml Prosecco.

I have to point out that @Malgosia isn’t entirety sober and the aisles through standard class are rather narrow.

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