After over an hour of fitting the new bathroom light (it’s IP rated, so there was lots of rubber seals and water-resistant cases for connections to fiddle around with), @Malgosia has decided that she doesn’t like it, despite initially picking it out with me.

Personally, I like the directional lighting, but she feels as though it doesn’t provide enough light.

Here’s a photo again of the bathroom with the light on.

I’ve always struggled to find a decent in-car phone holder so I kind of gave up; the phone just stays in my pocket.

It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that my phone has strong magnets built into the back of it, so all I need is a sticky metal plate stuck anywhere in my car.

Adhesive metal plates ordered from Amazon and will be delivered today 👍🏻

I wasn’t going to post it yet because we’re still waiting for the plumber’s boss to come and get our shower working properly and install the extractor fan, but here’s our (practically) finished bathroom.

There was a door on the shelving (left hand side) but we thought it looks better without it.

This layout makes far better use of the small space.

Today was a nice, short “on call” shift. I booked on at 05:15 and was free from 10:45 (my shift finished at 12:45, but there’s an unwritten rule that if we’re not used, we’re free two hours before).

I’m “on call” today (from 05:00). I booked on and rested my eyes until 08:00 😉

Here’s proof that I was doing manual labour and getting dirty earlier 😂

I’ve had my current car for around 18 months now. A few months after getting it, a terrible rattle developed somewhere in the engine bay. The issue didn’t seem mechanical, so I just put up with it.

Every now and again, the rattling noise would be terrible and impossible to ignore so today, I narrowed down the location of the rattle to the offside front wing.

This morning, I removed the wheel and the wheel arch lining and found a bunch of stones stuck behind it.

Rattle now permanently gone 👍🏻

Also today, I received a phone call from the HMRC (taxman) to tell me I was being investigated and will be arrested for wilful evasion of £998 in tax.

I gave a fake name with a fake address but the very nice Indian-sounding man named ‘Mike’ was still able to find my details.

Mike eventually hung-up on me when I pretended the line was breaking up as I read back the arrest warrant number he asked me to write down (which I didn’t).

That was 6 minutes where Mike couldn’t scam an innocent person.

Also on our day out today, me and @Matt encountered a “tissue beggar” on the London Underground.

These people go around in groups, giving a sob story (printed on paper) and trying to get passengers to buy packets of tissues from them. However, they’re linked to criminal gangs and pickpocket groups.

This one didn’t like being told to go away or having her photo taken and I’m fairly certain she put a curse on me.

I took @Matt to his favourite airplane viewing spot at Heathrow airport but for some reason, all planes were approaching from a different direction.

There’s a field with horses next to the viewing spot, so I took this photo instead.

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Don't be less white, don't be less black, don't be less Asian, don't be less Hispanic or less Mexican.

Don't be anything less than what God made you. And please stop falling for all the constant race baiting narratives. We're all just people, jeez!!!

So we only have to close the door if we die..? 😂

There was a points failure at London Blackfriars earlier, which caused plenty of disruption and made all of our Rainham-bound services 30 minutes (or more) late.

Because of the disruption, the train I was supposed to travel back to Gillingham on had no relieving driver, so I just drove it instead. Problem solved and no cancelled service 👍🏻

I’m off tomorrow and Thursday, “on call” on Friday and Saturday. I’m “spare” on Sunday and was waiting for the roster to come out to see if I’ll be lucky and have the “spare” turned into “on call”.

I think I’ve had my run of luck as I’m still “spare” on Sunday, meaning I’ll have to go and sit around at the depot for the day.

After several years of keeping the same apps in the same place on my phones home screen, I decided to add a giant calendar widget to the main screen and reorganise everything else around it.

I’ve now settled on the limited apps on the main screen now, but this will take a while to get used to...

I have a fairly easy job today; drive Gillingham to Rainham, Rainham to Dartford, travel back to Gillingham, have a 2 hour lunch break and then drive Gillingham to London Bridge and back.

Due to engineering works at Dartford (bridge replacement) we’re only running Rainham to Gravesend this weekend.

I have a short job today; one return journey to Gravesend, break, and then two return journeys to Gravesend.

Everybody seems to have Ring doorbells now. Their familiar chime sounds out every time one of our neighbours’ doorbell is pressed.

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